Acid exfoliation

AHA acid exfoliating treatment

Under the influence of exfoliating treatment, the skin is rejuvenated, wrinkles and blemishes fade, the active ingredients are better absorbed, the skin becomes healthy. The essence of exfoliation is the renewal of the skin structure.

Choose the painless acid exfoliating treatment!

11th district cosmetics Budapest acid exfoliation

What is acid exfoliation?

Acid exfoliation is nothing more than peeling with fruit acid. Fruit acids gently dissolve dead cells from the surface of the skin, penetrate to the bottom of the stratum corneum, stimulating cell division, thus promoting skin regeneration.

Why choose the AHA acid exfoliation treatment?

Has anti-wrinkle effect

Fades pigment spots

The skin structure is renewed

Elimination of mines

Scar reduction

Improves skin absorbability

Results in even, smooth and radiant skin

How does this treatment work?

The AHA acid treatment takes roughly 40-50 minutes, painless, but when you neutralize the acid with the neutralizer, it starts a tingling. It is very important that the skin is hydrated before the course of treatment! Renewal and the formation of a more even skin surface are also goals. This is not a deep exfoliation, after which the skin exfoliates in plates, you do not have to sit at home in the dark afterwards, a slight powdery peeling may occur, which some people notice, some do not. It is mandatory to use sunscreen daily during and after the treatment, because the skin becomes more light-sensitive, and special attention should also be paid to the daily hydration of the skin. The effect of treatment is enhanced in combination with mesotherapy drug intake.

For whom and when is it recommended?

The treatment is most suitable for combined, already treated acne skin. But it is also recommended for those who are looking for a treatment with anti-aging effects. In addition, it is suitable for the fading of pigment spots or scarred skin surfaces or for those who want to refresh their skin.

Cure-like the real thing! 

Even 1 treatment is very spectacular, as if we were pulling a gray veil off the skin. A real and complete renewal, and also proper preparation for further treatments with active ingredients. It is worth repeating weekly, and for more mature skin- every two weeks. An occasion is only proposed as an update.

It is not applied to acne or extra sensitive skin, this should definitely be discussed in the framework of the consultation!

11th district cosmetics Budapest acid exfoliation

Home care advice

It is applied only from autumn to winter, when there is no longer a strong ray of the sun.

The solarium is not recommended 2 weeks before or after the treatment, but it should also be avoided during the entire course, because the skin is sensitive, it is just being rebuilt, renewed and updated, it should not be burdened with extra radiation. Sauna use should also be avoided, and training on the day of treatments should too.

The use of sunscreen is also essential during the day and on the street, as it is necessary to protect the "baby skin" from the harmful rays of the sun.


After the treatment, the skin is especially beautiful and fresh, with the disappearance of pieces that have been half-dead, but are still actively in contact with the skin, a spectacular result can be achieved. More peeling starts than is natural, but if the guest is not paying attention to it, it is possible that they will not even notice the process. This is something that a lot of people ask, and almost no one knows! 🙂

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